Welcome to our new website :)

About Us

At Wozwaste we believe:

That is is possible to run a business with integrity, that has a positive effect on all those involved in it (craftspeople thru to consumer) including this amazing planet earth that we all share.

In producing quality products that are durable so you get real value. Our products are built to last.

In using as much upcycled content as possible in our production process – including what you cannot see!

In always using pre-used materials, for example we source our toothbrushes from our local garbage recyclers, we would never buy new ones just to "fill an order".

In working with home based artisans in Indonesia using fair trade practices. We speak the local language and understand/respect their culture.

In creating products that are funky and functional, designed by us and custom made to our strict quality specifications.


We are based in Melbourne for now so I can be close to my ageing parents.